Comments To Hate

Lunchtime poll – the peanut butter ban

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on September 28, 2010

From CNN

Total Comments at time of reading: 1485
Actually First: “Wow. The hatred and ignorance displayed here is so depressing…” -Christine
Winner: “You are obviously sane. What are you doing on this forum? You should go find one for other sane people.” -Jane
Number of comments until hate: 16
First to hate: “Hell no! Ever hear of Darwin. Kids that can’t handle nuts, don’t need to contaminate the rest of our gene pool.” -IPukeOnYourShoes
WTF: “i fly Southwest Airlines because they still serve peanuts… oh, and bags fly free :)” -Les
Number of comments to Obama: 352
First to Obama: “[…] I bet if my daughter would develop a sudden allergy to paper and chalk dust those items would not be banned from the school. Just some thoughts from a parent of a NORMAL child sick of this mambie pambie, coddleing world we live in. P.S. I bet we can figure out a way to pin this on Obama.” -Mr. Peanut
*Bonus* First to Impersonate Sassy Peanut Butter: “Your mom chooses me. And everyone knows how choosy she is!” -Jif


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