Comments To Hate

RIM Unveils a tablet: the Blackberry Playbook

Posted in Comments to Hate by dontazeme on September 28, 2010

Yahoo! News

Total Comments at time of reading: 393
Actually First: “its still early days but the playbook looks like a worthy contender to go up aganist the iPad. For all those interested i’ve written an article on this.” -Mwob
Winner:  “Why not revert back to smoke signals and the pony express? Who NEEDS cassettes and a boombox? You can’t play Lynyrd Skynyrd on smoke signals and the pony express, that’s why.” – J.
Number of comments until hate: 389
First to hate: “JUST GREAT!!! Another piece of CRAP that they will post every other minute about where to get a free one, like this JERK is doing here!!!” – Geoff
WTF: “oh those black ppl..” – Simon Lai
Number of comments to Obama: 0
First to Obama: N/A
*Bonus*  First to Entendre: “I think the size is perfect” – Jeremy


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