Comments To Hate

The Worst Drivers in America

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on September 28, 2010

From Yahoo! News, via The Daily Beast

Total comments at time of reading: 61
Actually First: “California and Oregon should be at the top. California because it’s full of drunk movie stars, fleeing illegals. and potheads. Oregon would be next with the number of potheads there, but they’re too lazy to work so they can’t afford cars. They all claim they never smoke and drive and if they do, they are unaffected, when they’re really to loaded to recognize it – but they think they’re superior to the alkies.” -SP
Winner: “After reading many comments on many different subjects…the reason is obvious. It’s a matter of intelligence.” -Helen
Number of comments until hate: 9
First to hate: “My Chinese friend tells me that the Chinese are such bad drivers that when a Chinese person moves into a hispanic neighborhood even the hispanics buy auto insurance.” -Putts
WTF: “There don’t call them Retardlicans for nothing” -SamP
Number of comments to Obama: 59
First to Obama: “Average number of drivers? Just using those numbers throws any calculation off and takes any meaning away. How about a study of where all the most accidents happen? I’m sure you’ll find that it’ll also go along party lines – with 9 out of 10 democrat states leading the way. sounds like obama and the democrats math.” -Linda C
*Bonus* First to Subaru: “Must be very slow. But, how funny that accidents are equated to bad driving. Shouldn’t it be, those who create accidents are bad drivers? Put down those cell phones you Subaru drivers!!!!!! And get in your right lane you, this is my road so, I’ll drive as slow as I want drivers, (funny, they all seem to be LIBERALS an DEMOCRATS).” -J. DavidD


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