Comments To Hate

Why the no-fun ‘FarmVille’ is so popular

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on September 28, 2010

From CNN

Total Comments at time of reading: 43
Actually First: “one word……….STUPID!!!” -clindsey35
Winner: “Farmville=Suckville” “I would play Suckville.” -Names
Number of comments until hate: 11
First to hate: “I would like to introduce locusts, pepper maggots and pickleworm to Farmville. In short order crops will die and livestock will starve. Why those evil Eastern European coders have not developed binary plagues is a mystery. Die Farmville DIE!” -MarkyDesade
WTF: “Oink, oink, baaaaa baaaaaaaa, squuuuueeee squeeeeeee, woof woof, meowwwww~” -kittybling
Number of comments to Obama: 0
First to Obama: N/A


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