Comments To Hate

New Australian footage of Neil Armstrong’s moon walk

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on September 29, 2010

From AFP, via Yahoo! News

Total Comments at time of reading: 766
Actually First: “Dr. Cathy Cuttem, renowned neurosurgeon, reports that the brain of a moon landing denialist is walnut-sized and resembles the coprolite of a duck-bill rat from the Cretaceous Period.” -Sixeyess4Dinner
Winner: [responding to a long comment about the improbability of losing significant footage] “Aren’t your car keys significant? When was the last time you lost them?” -Ronald
Number of comments until hate: 3
First to hate:“Yeah and I wonder how many lines you can see in the negitive image? Nasa= coverup and misdirection, some day all mankind will feel the cold hard truth about our history!” -George Vansetters
WTF: “A funny thing happened on the way to the moon, Nazi I mean Nasa paid for their Eugenics Oops I mean Space Program.” -John
Number of comments to Obama: 2
First to Obama: “I’m glad we can see a better image of the 50 year legacy of NASA now that 1 lousy president ruined it all.” -Redlands Resident
*Bonus* First to enlightenment: “There is no moon. It is all a lie to make us think space is real. What really happens if you fly up more than 10 miles into the sky, you will hit the giant barrier that keeps out the primordial chaos from decimating our planet, which is the only one in existance. Our universe is only as big as our planet plus the 10 miles above before you hit that barrier. As for what is beyond that barrier and the powerful energies that it shields us from….who knows? And the moon is really just a giant window in that barrier that can move across the sky. The light of the moon is really just a glimps of the energies beyond. Same deal with the sun. So why would the government lie about going? To keep having an excuse to get tax dollars to fund the “space program”.” -Sargas


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