Comments To Hate

Northern Lights hit 100-year low point

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on September 29, 2010

From AFP, via Yahoo! News

Total Comments at time of reading: 879
Actually First: “I can hear it already, ‘It’s Bush’s fault… We must do something to prevent global warming… err… I mean solar warming…’ :)” -Et Tu
Winner: “The langoliers are coming!” -Zachary
Number of comments until hate: 14
First to hate: “Blame for this can only be placed at the feet of The Obamessiah.” -Ana2rosa2003
WTF: “I’ve seen this light in the movie “Frequency.” I mean, who doesn’t know that movie? You guys should check it out, It’s uploaded onto Youtube.” -Ethan
Number of comments to Obama: 8
First to Obama: “OMG!! It’s Obamas fault!! Al Gore what should we do?? lmfao” -Carlos
*Bonus* First to completely miss the point: “Who saw it 100 years ago?” -Princess Jean


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