Comments To Hate

The Road to the Worst Credit Score Ever

Posted in Comments to Hate by dontazeme on September 29, 2010

Yahoo! Finance

Total Comments at time of reading: 387
Actually First: “worthless info” -RayD
Winner:  “how to not pick up chicks, 5 easy ways to stay unemployed, 7 easy ways to stay on probation, 32 ways to not be healthy, 2 ways to wreck your car, 9 surefire ways to get std,s” -TK
Number of comments until hate: 8
First to hate: “I’m a white guy, I already knew this stuff” –Drive by Dave
WTF: “Someone send this artical to Mama Obama…4 trillion dallars on the taxpayer credit card for paying off democrat voters” -Tomcat
Number of comments to Obama: 31
First to Obama: “obama screwed us all by putting us so far into debt. i think its fair to tax HIM for the REST OF HIS LIFE at 100% until he repays ALL of OUR money he spent.” – Robert
*Bonus* First to Spell Check: Randy, plees lern ta spelle!-David


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