Comments To Hate

Washington, D.C., posts highest median income in 2009

Posted in Comments to Hate by dontazeme on September 29, 2010

Yahoo! Finance

Total Comments at time of reading: 380
Actually First: “Well of course, with all the money for monuments and government services being influxed around the area.” -Booger
Winner: “All Palin’s fault.” –Kay Salicornia
Number of comments until hate: 94
First to hate: “if DC has the highest average income, wth are all the black people complaining about? you can make a fortune as a janator!” -Luke
WTF: “Bobby Bouchers Momma says the Democrats is the Devil!” -MikeL
Number of comments to Obama: 6
First to Obama: “i can carry my home around. its a one man tent. thanks Obama for all the jobs…”
*Bonus* First to point fingers: “it’s George Bushs’ fault” -Obama


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