Comments To Hate

Busted! Reds reported after smoking victory cigars in clubhouse

Posted in Comments to Hate by dontazeme on September 30, 2010

Yahoo! Sports

Total Comments at time of reading: 1,199
Actually First: “Them stogies there stink!” –Laser-Show
Winner: “A smelly cigar is much preferable to what those gassy athletes emit.” -SanJuanKid
Number of comments until hate: 16
First to hate: “Castellini should just suck all the players. He looks like the kind of fruit who’d really enjoy that.” –Stephen C
WTF: “pure commy, and hate ful people are so ugly these days,i hate these type of people,they just keep sticking their head up your butt” -BillJenn
Number of comments to Obama: 21
First to Obama: “These ‘whistleblowers’ are the left-wing Obama eco-nuts. They vote the same, think the same and do not tolerate freedom” -AJ


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