Comments To Hate

Contador blames bad meat for positive doping test

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on September 30, 2010

From Associated Press, via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading:340
Actually first: “Like Greg LeMond says, ALL these guys are cheaters. Lance is on notice…” -Truth Not Insult
Winner: “It’s possible. One time a professional bicyclist accidently bumped into me and I tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.” -Jeff
Number of comments until hate: 2
First to hate: “They all cheat and are ‘juicers’, so let’s just ban bicycle racing in general and the TDF in particular. That will teach them not to cheat.” -Dandy
WTF: “Theres a joke about this nun who rides a bike around the convent going “Woo! Woo! Woo!” and the Mother Superior comes out and threatens to make her put the seat back on.. something something I forget how it goes” -Captain America!
Number of comments to Obama: 31
First to Obama: “This is what happens when you elect liberal socialists like Obama. This whole thing is his fault. He has ruined cycling forever. We’ll remember in November.” -Blame Obama
*Bonus* First to go there: “WHERE’S THE BEEF???”BUD Of The WEISER


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