Comments To Hate

What Aliens Would See When Spying On Our Solar System

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on September 30, 2010

From, via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 65
Actually first: “maybe you can find answers here: [SPAM! SPAM! SPAM!]” -Zun Zun
Winner: “I have a skylight in my bathroom. I hope they didn’t see me rubbing one out this morning.” -Marty
Number of comments until hate: 2
First to hate:“Aliens wouldnt see anything ’cause we’re alone in the vast universe. Says our ridiculous bible-crazed right-wing.” -LandonL
WTF: “And you guys still do not know that in 1934 the so called sir Winston Churchill signed a treaty with the greys. And same thing with Hitler. He chose the Giza renegades aliens for technology. […] The greys race are dying for they have been totally manipulated to not reproduce anymore by a better aliens than them they are Alpha draconian. Go do some research. Find Project Camelot. There are so many whistle blowers from the black government disclosing the truth behind our backs.” -Awaken By The Archangels
Number of comments to Obama: 4
First to Obama: “Shhh! Don’t tell Obama about aliens spying on the solar system. He’ll try to recruit them, give them free health care, education, food stamps, etc. if they will just vote for Democrats.”  -GPfisher
*Bonus* First to Wikus: “When is the sequel to District 9 coming out?” -La Dee Dah


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