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Police investigate family on polygamy TV show

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 1, 2010

From Reuters, via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 196
Actually first: “Having 4 wives at the same time is utter insanity, because it also means – at the same time – having 4 monthers-in-law…..” -GaryGilmoreJr
Winner: “It must be fun filling out the IRS 1040 forms” -Greg
Number of comments until hate: 4
First to hate: “IF they can prosecute polgamy …… why can’t they prosecute the over 11 million illegal invaders ????? both are non-violent crimes according to the feds??? IF convicting non-violent crimes will overwelm prisons then NO non-violent crimes should be prosecuted !!!!!!” -Master
WTF: “it’s ok, they white.” -Lord Xenu
Number of comments to Obama: 23
First to Obama: “I’m bored, theirs no good news today. =| So I think I’ll waste my time by posting a comment that has nothing to do with this news post. (like all of the Obama, Democrats, and Tea Party critics)” -EmothicVonHellsing
*Bonus* First to Horn Section: “[…]it seem to me that having multiple spouses is a little more natural than having a same sax spouse. […]” -Tom


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