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US and UN agency differ on airplane liquid ban

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 1, 2010

From Associated Press,  via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 78
Actually first:“so long as you buy “safe drinks” at every airport concession stand, it’s all good. sure you can’t bring a liquid to the airport but you can sure buy any kind of drink once inside. whats next a turkey sandwich ban?” -id.est, et. al, quid, pro, quo.
Winner: “They never had to ban liquids on the starship enterprise. And they had to deal with Klingons.But watch out for tribbles” -Echo
Number of comments until hate: 5
First to hate: “US and UN should not go together .cuss Both are Bad.two bads make the world more bad” -Firefoxrage
WTF: “How’s I suppose to carry ma shine onna trip?” -Bocephus
Number of comments to Obama: 52
First to Obama: “looks like obama trying to get his muzzie fuzzie bro bros to hijack some more planes again. allah akbar” -Nameless Dude
*Bonus* First to the Fine Print Regarding Snack Cakes:“… however, we have loosened restrictions on semi-solids. For example, previously it was against regulations to take a fresh Twinkie onboard an aircraft. A traveller was only marginally more able to expect to board with a stale Twinkie, regardless of its having been, essentially, solid. Now, Twinkies, and similar materials, such as Moon Pies, may be packed in carry-on luggage. However, liquids are still banned. Products ranging from glycerin emoluent to Juicy Juice boxes are now being reconsidered, but the list of possible permissible fluids is problematical. It will be very difficult for the average TSA officer to tell the difference between red KoolAid and several dynamite sticks. After the new regulations are crafted, there will be a lot of training.” -Agro Nomy


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