Comments To Hate

Where did the peace sign come from?

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 1, 2010

From Shine! Yahoo!Green

Total comments at time of reading: 511
Actually first: “Cool :)” -Amber
Winner: “I don’t know where you got your info but the the PIECE sign is a circle of a man and woman making love. Draw a circle around the sweet spot.” -Tom
Number of comments until hate: 12
First to hate: “The peace sign is retarded. I hate that stupid thing.” -Nameless Dude
WTF: The peace sign doesn’t spell anything. It just the war sign flipped upside-down.” -Chuck
Number of comments to Obama: 105
First to Obama: “Obama will give free towels for anyone converting to Islam.” -Bazzboo
*Bonus* First to Hippie Poetry (third comment):

I will continue to let my Freak Flag Fly.
And Give A Peace Sign With My Hand.
Peace and Blessings to all,All the time.
Not Just in The Cold Winter:)
Peace be unto all.” -Smiley


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