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In-vitro UK pioneer Edwards wins medicine Nobel

Posted in Comments to Hate by dontazeme on October 4, 2010

Yahoo! News

Total Comments at time of reading: 332
Actually First:  “Scream, child-frees, scream! I wanna hear those wails of impotent rage!” -Daniel
Winner: “another old man with the “Viagra” theory….”-Trizon Krawlerz
Number of comments until hate: 38
First to hate: “4 million soulless devils spawned ~”-Phill
WTF: “NO NO NO this guy must go to jail , are too many people in the world , too many comunists , who do not like to work , do not like to earn a living , too many unions members who do not care what they do because the union protection , too many green idiots who cry no nuclear no coal no drilling and then cry for the energy beeing so expensive. no only people with some IQ and a lot of commnsense and with pruve the work hard can have kids.” -Josephn
Number of comments to Obama: 8
First to Obama: “Uh, congratulations on being rewarded in 2010 for something done in 1978. Guess we’re running out of progressives to self-congratulate. And Svenska Dagbladet is a tabloid newspaper. Guess the Nobel Prize committee is struggling in this economy, too.” -Sincerely


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