Comments To Hate

Mexican police investigate abduction of 22 people in resort town

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 4, 2010

From CNN

Total comments at time of reading: 38
Actually first: “im sure they are at a fiesta and will return soon.” -voletron
Winner: “[…] how do you abduct 22 people in a single instant? […]” “With guns.” -Dale2000
Number of comments until hate: 3
First to hate: “Send back all Illegal alien Mexicans in the USA to help their fellow Mexicans now!” -youngbeast
WTF: “I’ll go to Mexico as soon as the United States turns into Canada.” -TheChampion
Number of comments to Obama: 0
First to Obama: NA
*Bonus* First to Link Organized Crime and Bowling: “No, the mafia is paid by the bowling team.” -TheChampion


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