Comments To Hate

You Went Into Debt For THAT?!? Good Examples of Bad Charging

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 4, 2010

From Yahoo! Finance

Total comments at time of reading: 384
Actually first: “first!” -Justin
Winner: “I can make all your debt go away for the small price of your soul” -OMG
Number of comments until hate: 9
First to hate: “Bush cut taxes in the middle of 2 pointless wars. You NEVER cut taxes in times of war! The economy tanked when Bush was president; THAT’S WHY THE COUNTRY CHANGED PARTIES, STUPID!” -Angie O. Graham
WTF: “If you have no relatives and old……go to town an spend… die with a lot of debts makes Santa Claus unique….” -Louis M
Number of comments to Obama: 4
First to Obama: “Lets blame corporate America for this! And want Obama’s new govt to make all your choices for you!” -Mark
*Bonus* First to Get Fight Down to the Ditty Gritty: “[…] …And if you get fight down to the ditty gritty, Criminals have the same problem, because it is more ‘Me, Me, and Me’ and to he_ll with anyone else. You can not work on anyone else, nor am I going to, so if people do not want to help themselves, then the abyss is open. So, some will scuff at the above, but let us see someone take a poop for someone else. Somethings you got to do yourself.” -John


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