Comments To Hate

‘Desirable’ 38M dlr pink diamond up for auction

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 5, 2010

From AFP, via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 471
Actually first: “38 meg for a useless pink rock…absurd” -Robert Gordon
Winner: “Elin Nordegren has a rare pink that cost Tiger Woods 750M.” -Prenzie
Number of comments until hate: 16
First to hate: “All this fake value is due to advertising aimed at women. If advertisers decided to depict women hopping on one foot, women would hop on one foot. They would squeal and giggle and say that standing on one foot makes them “feel so feminine”. They would go out with their female friends and hop on one foot together, while ridiculing any woman who didn’t hop on one foot.” -AC
WTF: “Um-gah um-gah, snurfle, snerk, snerk.” -Salt In Wound
Number of comments to Obama: 75
First to Obama: “Just think, Obama can take another vacation with the Taxes on that rock.” -Charles C
*Bonus* First to Priorities: “My birth stone is Turquoise or I’d be all over that!” -!Florida2004


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