Comments To Hate

Ex-French trader must pay $6.7 billion for fraud

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 5, 2010

From Associated Press, via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 2022
Actually first: “Typo alert: “Modestly, like a lost of people,” -Riyad
Winner: “You can’t get blood from a Turnip. This is a Turnip.” -Wayne
Number of comments until hate: 8
First to hate: “Who cares what Eurocriminal steals what? The whole of Europe is filled with genocidal criminals who have lived for years on what they steal from the rest of the planet, and now they cannot perpetuate crimes in other places must prey upon each other. Plan on seeing more of the Eurolosers caught in their congenital criminality.” -CSC
WTF: “[…] It just may be true and it might be fair The bank knew what was going on out there; /Where bankers fear to tread but choose to try /In order they another Porsche might buy; /Admiring one seems he has guts to spare.
It’s also fair and it just may be true /That they might have some cause his toil to rue /But they loved the game and its profits sweet /This even if there were no gains to meet /But none of them pushed the knave ill to due.
So, here we all are, and there he will sit /As him up for a prison cell they’d fit, /Yet he deserves the sentence he will get /Though no one knows what it will be, as yet /For, at best, he’s, of course, an awful sh-t.” -Frederick2660
Number of comments to Obama: 39
First to Obama: “PS: What can Legal Americans fine Obama and Pelosi for running America into a World Record DEBT now?” -[no name]
*Bonus* First to Charlie: “”Bud” in the movie “Wall Street” was played by Charlie Sheen for you young pip squeaks.” -William


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