Comments To Hate

Millionaires Collecting Unemployment?

Posted in Comments to Hate by dontazeme on October 5, 2010

Yahoo! Finance

Total Comments at time of reading: 245
Actually First: “this should be allowed my parents filed for unemployment and we are millionaires. and another reason is its about @#$% time my parents saw any of their tax many going to a good use.” -Alex
Winner: “Why do my posts NEVER show up on Yahoo?” –R.
Number of comments until hate: 8
First to hate: “Deport all illegals TODAY!” -Pizzaman
WTF:  “to the wall with’m now shoot!!!”-Rugga1
Number of comments to Obama: 15
First to Obama: “I thought we all would work for Obama’s newly expanded gov’t?” -Mark
*Bonus* First to Bull S#@T: “Bull S#@T!!!!!” –Star99


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