Comments To Hate

Stewart jokes about Sanchez firing; ex-CNN host apologizes

Posted in Comments to Hate by dontazeme on October 5, 2010

Yahoo! News

Total Comments at time of reading: 1,034
Actually First: “He’s a bigot, she’s a bigot,they are bigots we are bigots,your a bigot, i’m a bigot would’t you like to be a bigot too, be a bigot do lots of bigot stuff.” -Cathem
Winner: “Can we start calling that other thing a dirty rick from now on? Lol”-Pm
Number of comments until hate: 3
First to hate: “Who cares, #%$^ called a liberal @^$ out.” –Gene Smith
WTF: “Stewart is a penus.”-RICKY
Number of comments to Obama: 3
First to Obama: “…Send them, the ACLU, Obama Hussein, and Piglosi to the middle east if they like it so much!…” –Gene Smith
*Bonus* First to family guy: “Donald, who is the creature of Family guy – the dog?” -Joe


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