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USPS says droopy newspapers to cost more to mail

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 5, 2010

From Associated Press, via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 149
Actually first: “FIRST!!1!” -Not T
Number of comments until hate: 8
First to hate: “The USPS is the number 1 creator of trash. Strictly for greed’s sake, they fill our mailboxes with unsolicited trash by the ton. Taking care of the environment doesn’t apply when you’re government, just to you non-government types.” -Bob
WTF: “I wash my butter hole with rogaine” -Robert
Number of comments to Obama: 15
First to Obama: “This is all part of Obombo’s plot to socialize the Postl Service into another marxcist terrar organization under his Muslim rule. Next thing you know he will be taxing us if our shirts are too long or our shoes dont’ fit proporly. Its’ truly sickning what Osama I mean Obsama has done to the USA, now the USSA (United Stats of Saudi Arabia). We want our countrey back!!!” -Obsamba Obambi
*Bonus* First to Not Mail His Comments: “Droopy???? With regulations like this no wonder they are in the red. For cripes sake they spend more time on customer service than is necessary due to the fact most people have no idea what they need. They want the postman to pack their package, tape it and lick the stamp. The average passport takes about one-half hour to process. I can go on and on, but in the end I saved the stamp and posted my comment electronically.” -Junodoc


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