Comments To Hate

3 tornadoes tear across N. Arizona, damage homes

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 6, 2010

From Associated Press, via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 453
Actually first: “That’s just the wrath of God […]” -NoNazisInNovember
Winner: “I like toast.” -Timmy
Number of comments until hate: 1
First to hate:“[…] warning the sinners of AZ to change their hateful ways.” -NoNazisInNovember
WTF: “Nice try by the governement……….it was not tornadoes…………it was illegals breaking into homes to steal stuff” -MCP
Number of comments to Obama: 5
First to Obama: “It’s all Obama’s fault.” -Krisierra
*Bonus* Gore Invented That, Too?: “tough out there – blame it on global warming — Gores fault…” -Tindude 2E


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