Comments To Hate

Ballmer Aims to Overcome Mobile Missteps

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 6, 2010

From The Wall Street Journal, via Yahoo! Finance

Total comments at time of reading: 715
Actually first: “the iPod Touch is way better than Zune HD.” -Server Error
Winner: “BING sucks compared to Google! I mean, the commercials are kinda funny but I dont get it. Its Google with a photoshop screensaver in the backround. WACK!” -Carlo
Number of comments until hate: 8
First to hate: “i wanna see Apple go bankrupt” -[no name]
WTF: “Barney made a moofy poof poof everybody! If Wally was able to do a moofy poofy poof then why can’t Timmy? It drives me to insanity to find that poor Timmy wasn’t alllowed to partake in any of the poofy moofy poof poof that happened when Barney was over last weekend. This is why our race will never succeed. Moofy poofy poof poof should be allowed to be made by Timmy! He should not be denied his opportunity to moofy moof moof and poofy poof moof toof woofy woof any goddamn day he wants you stupid @#$% poofy woofs!!!! >:(” -A Yahoo! User
Number of comments to Obama: 434
First to Obama: “clueless just like obama!” -Richard
*Bonus* First to Godwin: “Terry B = FAIL! don’t you get it? “success” does not mean it’s of value. the nazis had “a ton of success, too”, so did enron — until the rest of the world figured out that these entities are less than desirable. so it is with microsoft. (typed on my mac pro)” -Adam Zakon


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