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FBI: Puerto Rico cops protected cocaine dealers

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 6, 2010

From CNN

Total comments at time of reading: 379
Actually first: “Whether the US is/was involved in Puerto Rico has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with the way people are and behave in Puerto Rico.[…]” -liberamaya
Winner: “[…] Quit using drugs and all the drug crimes will disappear. How simple is that? […]” -Scranton
Number of comments until hate: 1
First to hate:“[…]The fact that our Puertorrican society is broken, has no strong values but corroding morals are in fact a result of the Puertorrican culture… We lie, cheat, steal… We are violent, we like drugs and alcohol… We have good schools but bad morals and habits… and we are used to the free money we get from the US… We are good for what? Baseball, Boxing, Reagetton music… And a buch of bleeding-heart Puertorricans passionately defending the island on this weebsite, but they all live stateside…” -liberameya
WTF: “In a related story, blacks tend to have more kids out of wedlock than whites. EDITOR’S NOTE: Wedlock means the ‘parents’ that created this unwanted pregnancy are not married and they have no intention of raising the kid as a legitimate ‘family’.” -RightsTough
Number of comments to Obama: 4
First to Obama: “I think there is some pretty solid evidence that both George W. and Barack O. dabbled in the nose candy.” -themars


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