Comments To Hate

FBI: Stripper, drugs, guns and judge don’t mix

Posted in Comments to Hate by dontazeme on October 6, 2010

AP via Yahoo! News

Total Comments at time of reading: 654
Actually First: “Bwahahahaha…you GO you ol’ puff bag!”-PizzaChit
Winner: “I had no idea doing cocaine was the drug for 67 year olds. Say good bye to Geritol and Lawrence Welk .” -Scott
Number of comments until hate: 48
First to hate: “cynthia, do you shave your gash or keep it hairy like most libs” -Southern
WTF: “If Obama would’ve of just shown his birth certificate, none of this would’ve happened.” –The Rev. Jim Bakker
Number of comments to Obama: 57
First to Obama: “another obummer appointment !”-GodlovesYou
*Bonus* First to hate on strippers: “Strippers aint nothin’ but ho’s.” -Johna


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