Comments To Hate

How long can you freeze food?

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 6, 2010

From The Conscious Consumer Blog, via Yahoo! Green

Total comments at time of reading: 302
Actually first: “it’s in the freezer too long just toss it out” -XPELICANX
Winner: “Not frost, it’s protective ice” -Carnegie Hill
Number of comments until hate: 44
First to hate:”This is a bald headed lie.” -Redemption 87
WTF: “i don’t need your advice. If I want it I will ask.” -spidey
Number of comments to Obama: 204
First to Obama: “This is just more propaganda from the Obama Administration. LOL” -Disgusted
*Bonus* First Pirate to Misunderstand Popcorn: “frozen pop corn be tasty;put frozen corncob in micro 5 min. really good. -BillM


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