Comments To Hate

Investigators say dean made students do housework for scholarships

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 6, 2010

From CNN

Total comments at time of reading: 284
Actually first: “Let me guess this crook will run for office and win” -JFROMULUS
Winner: “Maybe Dean Chang was just having a bad day when she embezzled that money and had those students perform those chores for her. Haven’t any of you had a bad day and maybe made a few mistakes as a result? Why is everyone so condemning of her on this post?” -ttrr
Number of comments until hate: 5
First to hate: [in response to a comment made in Russian] “wow cool you have impressed me, you are bi lingual. you are so smart, a real intellectual. no you are a stupid college student.” -born2hammr
WTF: “Isn’t it odd? Story about a privileged princess caught being a crook and slave master and the CNN feminists decide to put up a picture of a white guy. Sneaky.” -GT SixtySix
Number of comments to Obama: 51
First to Obama: “There is a position for Chief of Staff that opens today…she sounds like a great addition to the family..!”  -goodguy6410
*Bonus* First to Stop Reading At the Headline: “Oh yeah, now the FBI can come to my house and check on my wife’s washing dishes progress, What??? I this FBI matter, is this News????” -menahem53


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