Comments To Hate

Toy gun leads to Florida boy’s expulsion

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 6, 2010

From CNN

Total comments at time of reading: 2018
Actually first: “He’s screwed forever.” -JigsawX
Winner: “‘You’ll shoot your eye out'” -TNRanger
Number of comments until hate: 27
First to hate: “Soon everyone that owns a gun will be considered a terrorist. Thanks corporate media!” -SeekTruth911
WTF: “I look forward to the day when atom bomb techonology is minaturized. Everyone then can wear an a-bomb on a chain around their neck. You will make a personal decision to use your bomb or not. Knowing that you will also go up in the explosion. This will make people respect each other more.” -rescue911
Number of comments to Obama: 26
First to Obama: “EXACTLY. If Obama wants to fix schools This should be a question on the test EVERY school official MUST take to be allowed around kids. Schools also encourage our kids to be victims by punishing them & rewarding Bullies. No wonder many home school.”
*Bonus* First to Star Wars: “Zero Tolorence? Only a sith deals in absolutes” -Ken Masters34


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