Comments To Hate

Mark Zuckerberg gives his take on ‘The Social Network’

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 7, 2010

From CNN

Total comments at time of reading: 15
Actually first: “He obviously didn’t have a hand in the production of this film. Otherwise, he would be praising it left and right to make sure he gets his share of the pie.” -SkepicExian
Winner: “Facebook is nonsense. They only way nowadays to see what my friends are up to is to go on people’s Facebook page. What happened to people’s addresses and phone numbers?” -Riaan26
Number of comments until hate: 14
First to hate: “A place for sheep to congregate. Loathsome.” -RmpleShatNut
Number of comments to Obama: 6
First to Obama: “I completely disagree. In fact, i think you’re crazy to even say that. Facebook is the largest internet phenomenon ever. 500 million people connected? That’s the amount of people in the United States. The fact of the matter is, facebook is now a part of our culture. It is THE social network. Barack Obama has a facebook page” -jasaltz
*Bonus* First to Factual Fiction: “If you saw the movie you’d know he never cared about money in the first place” -LadyAthiest


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