Comments To Hate

Gap Redesigns Logo … But Why?

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 8, 2010

From Atlantic, via Yahoo! Finance

Total comments at time of reading: 4819
Actually first: “Finally something newsworthy!” -Benjamin
Winner: “Don’t care for the clothes, Don’t mind the lettering…but that square?!?!?! What the hell??? That blue square is realLY PISSING ME OFF!!!!! *STOOPID*” -georjetset
Number of comments until hate: 42
First to hate: “They should also have changed the name from GAP to CRAP” -Itsme
WTF: Interesting quote…’in the future, everything looks alike.’ Socialism, anyone.” -Clint G
Number of comments to Obama: 187
First to Obama: “They couldn’t afford a real design team because of Obama!!!!! It’s definately Obamas fault there logo looks like crap.” -Dustyn
*Bonus* First to Gender Bias: “I was in GAP just yesterday… Womens Jeans 40% off… Mens Jeans… FULL PRICE. @#$%? So I went to DIESEL and paid twice as much for GAP jeans but at least they were 50% off (obviously better quality, ect). I would have TOTALLY bought those GAP jeans (2 pairs, actually) if they were fair with their discounts, but they aren’t. Sad.” -Harley


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