Comments To Hate

‘Sister Wives’ polygamists: We’re a normal household

Posted in Comments to Hate by dontazeme on October 8, 2010

Total Comments at time of reading: 843
Actually First: “of course this show airs on tlc, which has become basically a 24/7 freakshow channel.” -meggyb
Winner: “That sure is a lot of opinion you have there.” -Ghostcat
Number of comments until hate: 33
First to hate: “Gay marriage is becoming a “normal lifestyle” so pologamy should get the same respect and consideration. Don’t like it? Blame those gays who are pushing hard to change the definition of (and respect for) the institution of marriage.” –jbb897
WTF: “There’s always gotta be a fat one.” –bludgeon565
Number of comments to Obama: 114
First to Obama: “AND ITS ALL OBAMAS FAULT!!!” -Hondual
*Bonus* First to dialog: “Polygamist Wives: ‘We’re normal’ Society: ‘We’ll be the judge of that’” –Silver Yacht


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