Comments To Hate

Google is testing cars that drive themselves

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 11, 2010

From CNN

Total comments at time of reading: 437
Actually first:It’s coming, only a matter of time. First will be shipping, then taxis. Urban street use for individuals in big cities. I think that’s as far as I’ll see it in twenty five years…” -Lngrn36
Winner: “with cars that drive us.. all I see is more time to drink and get stoned, and “do the internet” (touch ourselves).” -Cleatus
Number of comments until hate: 28
First to hate: “They already did, moron. Good luck figuring out how to breathe.” -tsautter
WTF: “Google, you never cease to amaze.” “This is what they come up with: How can you put ‘Amaze’ into a sentence? They never seize to amaze you? To amaze or astonish somebody? What does cease to amaze mean? Is it cease to amaze” -LordXerxses
Number of comments to Obama: 0
First to Obama: NA
*Bonus* First to Simpsons: [in response to comment about monorails] “Yeah, ’cause monorail put Ogdenville, North Haverbrook, and Brockway on the map!”  -guest


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