Comments To Hate

Forget Big Asteroids: It’s the Smaller Rocks That Sneak In and Blow Up

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 12, 2010

From, via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 461
Actually first: “[…]If there is an instrument or weapon that can actually destroy them I would like to know what it is. [nukes, rockets, lasers; 341 words, total]” -Revmrbill
Winner/Best Spam Comment So Far: “The small ones don’t bother me, I’m not fat anymore, I’m a small target.” -DietToday (user profile is a link to a diet site)
Number of comments until hate: 14
First to hate: “We need a few to burst over Washington while Congress is in session !!” -Robert
WTF: I am GOD and am commenting on this article to set the record straight. I “do not exist” and never did, well except inside the weak minds of much of humanity.[…] You see the universe through eyes that are blind and imagine that creation could only happen through the intelligence of an alien monster that looks in upon your silly lives. No my foolish children the universe did not need a white man with a beard to make it all happen so stop arguing about this silly myth” -Other One
Number of comments to Obama: 22
First to Obama: “let not your heart be troubled. being informed is what it’s all about. being afraid is a waste of time and energy. today they are warning Los Angeles to fear a tsunami. “O” is warning you if you don’t vote his way. you are being controlled by fear. the Greeks believed in the fates and so should we. if a huge space rock was headed our way what would you do about it? it’s like being afraid of a volcano that might go off in Yellowstone Park. can you stop it?”
*Bonus* First to astronomy through Jerry Lee Lewis: “Goodness gracious, small balls of fire???” -Awlemkumpaser


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