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Russian bank explains hiring of spy Anna Chapman

Posted in Comments to Hate by dontazeme on October 12, 2010

Yahoo! News

Total Comments at time of reading: 854
Actually First: “I’d diddle her!” -PizzaChit
Winner: “YAHOO: What TRASH you allow to be printed here. Does any responsible person monitor these posts?” Lilibetti
Number of comments until hate: 223
First to hate: “The last time I saw something like that, it was hanging by it’s tail from a tree branch…” -Mark
WTF: (5 seperate posts over 2 days) “She has the herpes various” “She came to the USA to get the Herpes various” “She redheaded fire crotch with the herpes various” “She needs a bottle of Vodka to wash down and clean the herpes off of her” “She gets the herpes to polute her” –GREEDY CROOKS
Number of comments to Obama: 108
First to Obama: “Obama sure acted “quickly” in this one. Never interviewed them before they found out they missed one more they were in such a hurry to return them to Mother Russia. What files were she sending to that Russian van computer? are we sure there aren’t still more Russian spies in the USA…? Nope! Why didn’t we hold them longer to find out more? Obama doesn’t like bad press..only good press. Maybe he didn’t want Tiger Woods to find out about her…only Obama knows why. Why were these Russian spies here…what was their mission…wjhat did they send back to Russia? Who cares..they think she was a “10” that’s alal you need to know America. Only people enjoying the USA today are illegal immigrants, Russian spies and terrorists. They have more rights than we do in our own country. Wow! amazing. Makes me feel like becoming an illegal too….Naw! Obama won’t be around much longer. He sawed off his limb already.” -Joe
*Bonus* First to like pie: “i like pie.” –Mr Zox


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