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School cafeterias to try psychology in lunch line

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 12, 2010

From Associated Press, via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 547
Actually first: “Control is the key! occasional treat :) everyday treat :(” -Lol
Winner: “Beets and Turnip Greens don’t taste any better no matter what school try to do. If they want to have better nutrition opt for Donuts and a Diet Pepsi in school cafeterias” -Greg
Number of comments until hate: 2
First to hate: “Who is the Government to say what my child can eat or not eat? FTG!” -Dave
WTF: “Wonderful. Now the US government is turning our kids into lab rats.” -Jack
Number of comments to Obama: 66
First to Obama: “This is another example of the Obozos, Barak Hussein and Michelle, trying to impose their socialist Kenyan agenda on the freedom loving American public. November 2 demon-craps out. Soon after Obozo go bye-bye by IMPEACHMENT!!!” -Cletus22
*Bonus* First to Healthy Taco Bell/Pizza Hut: “Maybe they should just let Taco Bell run the school lunch programs. They seem to be able to supply cheap healthy food packed with protein that kids like to eat and still make a profit. Alternate this with whole wheat thin crust pizzas with different toppings so the kids can have tacos, enchiladas, or bean burritos one day and pizza the next. […]” -Kf


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