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Too much TV psychologically harms children: study

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 12, 2010

From AFP, via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 1065
Actually first: “nobama must have watched alot ot tv” -g
Winner: “Holy crap, correlation has been discovered to be the same thing as causation! I mean, it must have, or else they wouldn’t be making these claims. It couldn’t possibly be that kids whose parents use T.V. or games as babysitters might be more likely to have psychological issues in the first place. That would be simply inconceivable.” -Kevin C
Number of comments until hate: 15
First to hate: “More @#$% from folks with no kids or, more likely, folks who want more study MONEY.” -scottg
WTF:  “What really harms children are pedophiles” -duke
Number of comments to Obama: 1
First Second to Obama: “My guess is that adults who watch too much TV have problems also. They seem listless unless some female anchor is speaking to them in soothing tones delivering the party line while smiling. The constant spinning of every event into some reaffirmation of the wonder that is 0bama. […]” -Kickingass
*Bonus* First to lack intellectual knowledge: “The Family Guy is actually quite ingenious. You might just lack the intellectual knowledge to comprehend it’s satirical and sharp-witted comedy. That’s okay though, we can’t all be perfect.” -Anthonylac


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