Comments To Hate

Controversial photos put politicians on defense this season

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 13, 2010

From The Upshot, a Yahoo! News Blog

Total comments at time of reading: 2392
Actually first: “Yep, the internet.” -Joshua C
Winner: “You’re all idiots. Politics is ‘them’ and ‘us’. People just don’t get it. Neither side or their puppets care about truth and/or what is good for the American people. ‘Us’ is good, ‘Them’ is bad, regardless of which side you are on. IDIOTS! And here I am, contributing to the same thing.” -Strange1
Number of comments until hate: 9
First to hate: “Republicans are wanna Nazi’s. No-one with ANY BRAIN is surprised at this “revelation”!” – MacLeod
WTF: “i really feel sorry for the libs. because of their past heroin, meth, crack, coke, lsd, and homosexuality. I mean look at them, they are profoundly ugly, expecially the women.” -akilla
Number of comments to Obama: 20
First to Obama: “The only real terrorist are the congress and Obama. THey are holding this country hostage. So laugh all you want. Your time is coming. You should all be ashamed.” -Nancyh
*Bonus*: “*sighs* i hate the internet….” -Dude


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