Comments To Hate

Don’t let them eat cake: Queen cancels Christmas party

Posted in Comments to Hate by dontazeme on October 14, 2010


Total Comments at time of reading: 180
Actually First: “Ungrateful and tight fisted…. She could have sold a couple of her diamond tiaras and pay for these Xmas parties for decades…” –maplelead3
Winner: “This article is about Queen E II. Why not stay on topic, or do you really need to toss your politican opinions into every pot of stew? Our President had nothing to do with this decision.” Jt in sd
Number of comments until hate: 42
First to hate: “Yeah Prince Charles can bring the spotted dick, since he actually is one (a dick that is) he may have a spare since he doesn’t have a spine.” –Old Me”
WTF: “How many ‘staff’ do you suppose the Obamas have?” –Lynn W
Number of comments to Obama: “At least the Queen uses good judgement. However, that cannot be said for Mr. Obama. He spent the most money on his inauguration than any other president before him, at a time our country was in an economically depressed era.” –denise-2157322
First to Obama: 13
*Bonus* First to grammar check: “Why can’t you figure out the “differences” between theirs and there’s?” -justal



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