Comments To Hate

Facebook in Privacy Breach

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 18, 2010

From Wall Street Journal

Total comments at time of reading: 81
Actually first: “The potential of all that money is simply too luring” -Christopher Tolton
Winner: “You must have the mentality of a sub-teen to use Facebook. After seeing ‘The Social Network’, only a catatonic zombie on a desert island would sign up.” -Michael D. Robbins
Number of comments until hate: 4
First Second to hate: “[…]Hey Facefook users, here’s a trick for looking cooler than you’ve ever looked on Facefook. STOP USING FACEFOOK!!! It’s pathetic. Want to keep in touch with a few old school chums? OK. Want to share pictures with Grandma? Understandable. But we all know that for many losers…I mean USERS, it is about creating some big web of people you don’t know, and trying to impress them with carefully chosen pictures, music etc representing a life that you don’t live. But to do this at the expense of your REAL privacy, your REAL money, the safety of your REAL address, your REAL social security number, your REAL bank account numbers, etc etc, is nothing less than the ultimate statement of the most pathetic human condition. How much will YOU, 35 year old single Star Trek fan, risk to be fake-popular on Facefook? […]” -Derek Donohue
WTF: “Irrelevant, I have no business there :-) The waitresses at the Japanese restaurant where I go, have accounts on facebook. You have to be mad to give them any data you do not want to leak !” -Mark Cristian
Number of comments to Obama: 4
First to Obama: [in response to a comment asking who would trust a “Harvard br@t” with their personal info] “WHO? THE SAME KIND OF PEOPLE THAT TRUSTED AN ARAB-LOVING, MARXIST BELIEVING, ANTI-AMERICAN HARVARD GRAD TO BE PRESIDENT!” -Michael Frisch
*Bonus* First to compare advertisers to rapists: “oh that’s just great… give our info to sex offenders and child molesters why don’t you. these people can find out where we live… if we have kids or not… and it even gives them the city and state we live in. perfect. now these people can stalk us… rape us and our kids… and then kill us. nice going facebook. what’s next? kiddie porn?”  -brian hutchins


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