Comments To Hate

Jimmy McMillan stands out in N.Y. governor debate

Posted in Comments to Hate by dontazeme on October 19, 2010


Total Comments at time of reading: 338
Actually First: “He’s got my vote!” –Sad The Elder
Winner: “I’m voting for his beard.” -AC
Number of comments until hate: 58
First to hate: “Attention all libturds: Just two weeks from today your big-eared little monkey boy will get his political gonads sliced off. It will be a glorious day for conservatives in which we revel in your anger and are nourished by your disappointment. Make plans to join us here on the yahoo forums. We will be here rubbing it in your faces!” –Ana2Rosa2003
WTF: “What a joke. We have become Europe.” -Fnerfl
Number of comments to Obama: 5
First to Obama: “Why Not him,If odumbo can be prez, then so csn he, u gotta mya votea….cood ya cood” – Roscoe P Coltrane


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