Comments To Hate

College student named police chief in Mexico; no one else applied

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 21, 2010

From Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 4,413
Actually first: “It is hard to beleive that AOL would allow this idiot jake to say what he said and print it. this is a bigot as clear as anyone can see. I hope you meet the wrong guy one day jake and you get the short end of the deal. your hatred is clear, you were bred to hate. you will not live too long with that attitude.” -Joe
Winner: “I pray for her safety and that she can make a difference in the drug war in Mexico.” -Robin
Number of comments until hate: 3
First to hate: “Deport all MEXICANS TODAY!” -Pizzaman
WTF: “they need to hire the A-team… some sheet mettle to block bullets, some water pipe and gasoline with a compressor and a truck and they have a bullet proof flame thrower truck.” -Peter
Number of comments to Obama: 21
First to Obama:  “Obama (and Hillary) need to send 20,000 Marines to protect this girl. She has balls.” -Plain Oatmeal
*Bonus* First to satire of racism… or legitimate anti-Smurf hate speech: “I hate all the Blue people on the planet..we should murder all the smurfs and eat them because smurfs are delicious. Just remember everyone, Cannibalism solves world hunger, one person at a time.” -Eric


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