Comments To Hate

World’s longest cat — Stewie — measures 4 feet

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 21, 2010

From Associated Press,  via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 531
Actually first: “How about a picture of the kitty?” -Thunderspreck
Winner: “Does there always have to be some ***** that spins a totally non-political story into an ‘Yeah, cuz Obama’s a_____, see that? Clever joke i did, thumbs up this comment!'” -Quiroga
Number of comments until hate: 15
First to hate: “Don’t you teabaggers ever work?” -Jim C
WTF : “My kitty wikes num nums.” -Bob
Number of comments to Obama: 42
First to Obama/Baseball: “Four feet eh? Still not as long as former community organizer obama’s nose, which keeps getting longer with every passing moment. Go Rangers !” -Almost2012
*Bonus* Inevitable LOLCATS are inevitable: “In the dark recesses of hell, Tacgnol is also preparing for the epic battle that will define the future of mankind!!!!” -S,  “Repent this caturday! Give our faith to Longcat!” -Sajota, “ITS TACGNOL!!! O__O CATNAROK IS AT HAND!” -Keith Allan [in addition to 63 separate comments from different users stating that “Long cat is long.”]


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