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Hawaii beach garbage recycled as vacuum cleaner

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 28, 2010

From Associated Press,  via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 325
Actually first: “I think this is cool. I also think the industrialized nations of the world that are creating these oceanic trash pits should pay to clean them. We’re abusing Mother Earth and she seems to be getting tired of it. But most of humanity is so greed driven and so far from our earth based roots they can’t even see the signs all around us.” -Riverrat
Winner: “So why doesn’t electrolux start mass producing and selling these with collected plastic??? These are made just for display while electrolux is still churning out more vacuums not made with “un-recycled” plastic.” -BrandiH
Number of comments until hate: 24
First to hate: “what a fun and imaginitive way to shove guilt about the ecosystem down your throat I bet tons of these things are gonna wash up on hawaii’s beaches!!” -Poolman
WTF: “Now if they can make re-useable toilet paper.” -Howard Johnson
Number of comments to Obama: 34
First to Obama: “Thats’ it, Obama is a vacuum, thats’ why he sucks!!!!!!!!!!!” -Booger
*Bonus* First to propose MORE dumping in the ocean as a solution: “Recycling is all well and good but… it is an expensive process and puts out more pollution then before. Maybe the ocean is a solution. I always thought we could build giant metal containers that we could fill with trash and toss them in the ocean where they could sit at the bottom for eternity. The fish wouldn’t be bothered either.” -Recneps


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