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Without driver or map, vans go from Italy to China

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on October 28, 2010

From Associated Press, via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 155
Actually first: “had to be recharged 8 hours after every 2 hours of driving ?? scrap that junk. -J.V. DZUGASHVILI
Winner: “My grandfather shared this idea over 25 years ago, but he could not afford a lawyer to see it through. The US is full of brilliant people, but sometimes racism stifles our progress.” -Harold / “My great-grandfather shared his idea of one day constructing a vast communication network that would allow half-wits to post non sequiturs and ridiculous assertions. He shared this idea with Alexander Graham Bell who promptly stole it and patented all the technology required to make it happen. Bell was able to do this because my great-grandfather was Irish.” -Michael
Number of comments until hate: 3
First to hate: “DARPA is all I have to say about that. Glad they did their test runs over there & didn’t endanger people over here. Sad those govts allowed experimental vehicles on the roads with their citizens.” -Brent R
WTF: “If only they have a virgin in it” -Lachino
Number of comments to Obama: 43
First to Obama: “WOW… it just makes me so happy to see Europe and China passing us in just about every field of science and technology….. thanks Obama for the change !!! We were #1 for too long….. NOT !!!!” -George
*Bonus* First to see smoke weeds potential: “great! it can bring your children from school, drive your husband off a cliff, deliver a pizza, let you smoke weeds while driving, etc, etc.. let your imagination go wild about its applications..” -Ben The Hard Thinking Monkey


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