Comments To Hate

The McRib Returns

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on November 3, 2010

From Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 2,492
Actually first: “Usless Story” -Sandra
Winner: [responding to “This is news??? Get out and vote!!”] “Vote McRib for President!!!!!!!!!!!!” -A VOICE OF REASON
Number of comments until hate: 11
First to hate: “now if they can get black’s to stop calling it mickey dee’s” -Robert
WTF: “Junk Food.. Is EveryBodys Right!! And Im not Feeding my Dong that Krap.” -Kara
Number of comments to Obama: 74
First to Obama: “Force feed about 2 dozen to Obumba !” -Barnabus C
“Bonus” Thanks for that mental image: “I’ve never mustered up the courage to try a McRib…to me they look like a bloody fetal pig autopsy on a bun. Ew.” -Debaucherydetroit


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