Comments To Hate

Art believed destroyed by Nazis found in Berlin

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on November 8, 2010

From Associated Press,  via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 369
Actually first: “The question is when are we going to hold the communists of the Soviet Era accountable for their atrocities?” -Htx34590j
Winner: [responding to “I want to see the artwork. Where’s the picture(s)? It must be harder to see than Barrack Obama’s birth certificate. I hates me some democrats.”] “Um. Objection: relevance? I kind of hoped that with campaign season ending people might wake up from their partisan zombie stupor. Oh well.” -Sub_dio
Number of comments until hate: 7
First to hate: “When are we going to hold the homosexual and lesbian comminity accountable for their horrendous atrocities?” -Warbird
WTF: “Another jew scam by the jew scamming media. Let it go semies because nobody f ing cares about what happened during ww2. It was a war started by money bloodthirsty jew bankers who to this day are profiting on silly wars in Iraq and A@#$%anistan.” -Jos73
Number of comments to Obama: 4
First to Obama: “Wow…Obama needed to do some redecorating ??” -We R Fuct


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