Comments To Hate

The nation’s weather

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on November 8, 2010

From Associated Press,  via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 294
Actually first:“Take the monetary incentive and/or fame seekers out of the “global warming” phenom and few would care.” -Gene
Winner: “palin only hope for the u.s.a. she can do what we need to get done ,get rid of obama ..that too.” -Dave Know’s It All
Number of comments until hate: 42
First to hate: “Jesus Christ! Is todays comment section reserved for the mentally challenged?” -Texas
WTF: “Yup More unnatural heating from microwaves today, in central indiana it will hot as **** in northern indiana and michigan it will be pleasant as usual just another day of microwave weather, really thanks, its like the matrix only i want to kill myself.”  -Jackson_street
Number of comments to Obama: 19
First to Obama: “If cow farts cause climate change, we should insist that Michelle O stop eating beans!” -Duke D
*Bonus*: “thanks for all who post, love tec- knowlege y – listen to jewel -sounds of freedom. now to eat meals on wheels pureed food. thank God for volunteers. what can i do today -pray- set down chains til faith remains. have a blessed day, thanks for snapshot of life. call to other vet to let know took meds, see if she took hers. if were alive and for what today.” -GCD


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