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The Socialite Network: UK’s Queen joins Facebook

Posted in Comments to Hate by tazehim on November 8, 2010

From Associated Press,  via Yahoo! News

Total comments at time of reading: 235
Actually first: “It will be e-queen! :D” -Alycia Koning
Winner: “I thought the article referred to the old Rock/Opera group, ‘Queen’ …. but whatever. Go on witcher Royal Self, your majesty!” -JustSayin’
Number of comments until hate: 21
First to hate: “Snob. Says she’s joined Facebook but has never actually been there. @#$%” -L
WTF: “I don t know to hold nothing, are you satisfatf” -Tarna
Number of comments to Obama: 57
First to Obama: “*Elizabeth friended Prince Charles
*Elizabeth friended Kate Middleton
*Elizabeth commented on Kate’s photo in “Summer ’10 with Will”
*Elizabeth likes Harry’s status
*Elizabeth posted an album “Look at my jewelry!” to her wall
*Elizabeth wrote on Michelle Obama’s wall
*Elizabeth tagged herself in a photo
*Elizabeth saved two sheep in FarmVille” -Jonathan
*Bonus* Does Congress pay for what, now?: “Wow! The Whole Wide World on Facebook Does Congress Pay for It.” -Gladys


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