Comments To Hate

Sabre, Airline Reservation System, Goes Down Causing Major Delays Worldwide

Posted in Comments to Hate by dontazeme on August 6, 2013

Huffington Post – Tech

Total comments at time of reading: 154
Actually first: “This is weird because about that same time, my internet service went out and was out for 20 min. I am here in Texas. I had this service for 2 years now and it’s only been down once for a major scheduled overnight network update.” -James Deangelis
Winner: “Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit drinking” -sf omega man
Number of comments until hate: 32
First to hate: “this is what happens when you send good paying america jobs to india.” -dan
WTF: “DUHmerican predatory capitalism has infected the entire planet.” -Captai
Number of comments to Obama: 4
First to Obama: “When did Obama first find out, and how long has he been covering this up?:” -Uncle Buggies
*Bonus* Comment on a comment: “It was a backdoor that Cheney built in the system. Obama knew about it, and did nothing. ” -Amalek
**Bonus2** I didnt realize I was the most recent post: “Meanwhile, we have to contend with this busted new comment system. It’s witholding data from me, right now. Not able to read farhter down the comment stream. No “click” to read more. Well done, Yahoos.”


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